Which one should you buy – American eagle gold coin vs Canadian maple coin

People all over the world have always bought coins and bars of gold. Gold is a soft metal and requires other metals like silver and copper to make it hard. The Government of America from time to time issues bullions. People collect them for various reasons – some as an investment for the premium they may be able to earn on the spot, others as a collector’s item.

For those who buy these items, the question arises whether to buy an American Eagle gold coin or a Canadian maple coin.

Let us examine both.

The American Eagle gold coin is a 22 carat full ounce of gold. It was authorized by The Bulion Coin Act of 1985. They have since become one of the leading gold bullion coins.


The American Eagle gold coin contains the amount of gold stated. The obverse and reverse designs are historically inspired. They are a work of beauty and are one of the most valued coins in the world.

These coins being guaranteed by the Government of America can be bought without any worries and included by individuals in their Individual Retirement Accounts.

Gold has often been used to diversify portfolios. In the form of bars and bullions. The American Eagle being backed by the Government of America are accepted by major investment markets all over. These coins can be purchased from major dealers, brokerage houses and banks and likewise be sold. Newspapers publish the daily value of gold. On a day that seems suitable, an individual can make a purchase and hold on to it for as long as he desires.

The Canadian maple Leaf is a competitor of the American Eagle. In its purity content, the Maple leaf is a .999 while the American Eagle is .99 Within the US, The American Eagle enjoys more popularity while out of it, the Maple is more popular. It is 24 carat gold.


Those buying gold coins should store them in a safety locker at home and avoid keeping them with a dealer. When purchasing, make enquiries to find out if the dealer charges a premium fee.

Like the stock market, when the economy fluctuates gold prices may also fluctuate accordingly. It is best to avoid rare coins and go for denominations that are more easily sold in the market. Avoid dealers who offer free storage and read reviews, if available.

Both the American Eagle and the Canadian Maple are easy to buy and sell. Having said that, purchasing either remains an individual choice and decision.

Is It Crazy to Buy Gold Coins For Investments?

There are a number of people who buy gold coins as a hobby or as an investment. No matter what the reasons may be, buying gold coins can be quite satisfying in investing in gold in today’s volatile stock market. Still, there are a many people who find investing in gold crazy, but it is not so.


Investing in gold coins has a number of advantages. 24 carat gold coins are the purest form of gold sold in the market and are 99.99% pure. They are mixed with traces of other metals for minting purpose. Gold coins can be purchased in different sizes and weights. Gold prices have been rising in the global market and any gold coin you purchase today will give good returns in as less as 6 months.

It is quite easy to resell gold coins as most of the jewellers out there will buy them at the market price at the time of buying. Since the resale price of gold coins is determined by the bullion market, there are almost negligible chances that you will lose your investment when you resell them.

People can buy gold coins for investment when the bullion prices are low. Since smaller coins do not cost much, they can be easily bought and sold since resale value is not depended on the size. The gold coins can be easily stored or hidden in home.

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Gold IRA Investment for Your Retirement Planning

One needs to start planning for their retirement beforehand so that they do not have to depend on anyone else and can spend their retirement lives doing what they love without depending on anyone else. This is the reason why many people are investing in gold from the savings in retirement accounts. Investing in a gold IRA account is easy, but one can take help of professionals and experts to know how they can benefit.

The first thing you need to do is determine the type of IRA that you have and if it is compatible with a Gold ira Rollover or other precious metal investment. The next thing you need to do is find a professional custodian who has experience in gold ira rollovers and help you invest profitably. You will be then required to fund the IRA account with the purpose of gold investments. This can be easily done by a simple transfer from your saving account or rollover from a 401k to a gold IRA.

One thing that many people forget is that investing in gold does not necessarily means buying gold. One can also buy gold mining stocks. It is best to talk to your custodian and follow their advice as they know the market much better than common people.